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Employee Relocation

Are your employees relocating to new posts within the UK or internationally? Are you relocating as part of a business move? Britannia's professional Corporate Moving Team possesses the necessary resources and expertise to guarantee a hassle-free employee relocation service.

Today's office professionals have very little free time, each day is mapped out with meetings, important calls, and completing projects or reports to deadlines. Finding time between all of this to find a moving company to help you move your business, relocate employees, and move house, can seem like a daunting task. Cargo Trade Liners understands this, and we've designed a commercial removals package to take the hassle out of the moving process. So whether you are moving 5 or 100 employees, or need advice as your company is relocating, do not hesitate to contact us.

Planning the Employee Relocation

Our Corporate Removal Team will help you plan and organise the moving process and will help you communicate the move to your staff. With more than 45 offices in the UK and moving partners in Europe and overseas, Cargo Trade Liners has the local and international resources to assist your employee relocation every step of the way. Apart from our regular business removal services, we can assist your employees with their individual moves, providing packing, shipping and storage services and giving them practical advice. Our Move Managers will also make sure that your employees do not have to worry about administration and other practicalities.

Being Relocated?

If your company is relocating you to another country or within the UK, we can help you plan and organise your move as efficiently as possible. With expertise in both house moving and business removals, we have the knowledge to take care of both the business and the family side of your move. We'll help you plan your relocation, and will make sure that your company keeps you informed of everything that happens during your move. We also offer a range of packing, shipping and storage options.

If you need employee relocation services, call Cargo Trade Liners on 0208 256 1730 or email

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