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Proper Packing, an Essential Part of a Good Move


Professional Packing Materials 

Different types of packing materials for different types of moves. The choice of packing materials determines the quality of the packing, and Cargo Trade Liners uses only professional packing materials. While local moves will usually use removal blankets for padding and separation, shipments by air, for other countries, and for overseas will be "export packed". Every piece of furniture will be wrapped in special Air Bubble wrap Corrugated roll, and all boxes will be packed by our crew. We suggest Wooden crating for delicate items(at extra cost).

we use a wide variety of boxes and packing materials. Boxes are used for items such as books, fragile pieces,  For airfreight shipments we use special air freight boxes because the weight and height are important for proper loading on the airplane.



Proper Packing for Shipment 


The day that our crew arrives at your residence to begin packing, you will need to show them around the house and tell them how you want them to start the packing. All our packers are trained to pack your household goods safely and securely for shipment. The number of people in the crew will depend on the total volume of goods and the access to the house.

Make sure that you are aware of the items that need to be packed first or the items that need special attention. If you have goods with different destinations, you can ask your coordinator to  pack and keep it separately.

Our crew members will split up for packing within the different rooms. Every box that will be packed will be listed on an inventory list that is necessary for custom clearance overseas. Let them make the inventory, they know how to do it so your goods can be cleared easily at your destination. For further queries contact us at +918291887456