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Heading home for the holidays? You could probably do with somewhere to keep those essential house bits while you’re in between student digs. That’s why we’re offering 10% discount on storage for valid NUS cardholders! We’ve got a local office in most student towns and cities for your convenience, so get in touch for a quote.

Moving out at the end of Term? Changing student digs? Don't know where to store all your stuff?

CargoTradr Liners Student Storage may have the answer. You might be surprised by how much stuff you accumulate while you're at college or university. Not to mention the hassle involved when you realise you need a place to store it all.

CargoTradr Liners Student Storage

We can help, with a whole range of low cost self storage solutions, just for you.

  • End of Term - When term ends Cargo Trade Liners Student Storage is a most convenient place to keep all your belongings safe and secure.

  • Between homes – If you need somewhere to store stuff temporarily between homes, Cargo Trade Liners Student Storage are happy to accommodate a few days or weeks storage.

  • Travelling or gap year - If you're away travelling and want to store for a long period of time Cargo Trade Liners Student Storage can offer you superb deals on long term storage.

  • De-cluttering for extra space – If you need extra space to store excess furniture or archive your books and documents, Cargo Trade Liners Student Storage can provide a solution specific to your needs and budget.

Why Cargo Trade Liners Student Storage?

  • No Commitment - You can store for any length of time without any commitment.
  • Share with friends – Cargo Trade Liners Student Storage offers the choice to share with friends. You can split the cost between you. Each of you will be able to access your storage whenever you wish. And you don't have to come to your storage unit together every time.
  • Large or small – You can choose any size Student Storage unit you need. We will provide you with helpful and friendly advice on the best deal for you.
  • Secure self storage - Cargo Trade Liners Student storage has 24hr CCTV, monitored intruder alarms and access controls. This guarantees your belongings are stored safely and securely at all times.
  • Safely stored - Cargo Trade Liners Student Storage offers clean and dry storage space. You can store anything from your diplomas to your hi-fi systems with complete peace of mind.
  • Free access - You can get free unlimited access, 7 days a week, at most Cargo Trade Liners Storage depots.
  • Sole key holder – no one but you has access to your student storage unit.
  • Easy access - all Cargo Trade Liners Storage locations have convenient car and van access to storage units.
  • We can collect - we can arrange to collect your belongings from your home to store for you, if you require.
  • We've got it wrapped - Cargo Trade Liners Storage has a full range of packaging materials available (boxes, bubble wrap, tape and more)

​Request a free student storage quote today!