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International Move

The further you are moving, the more preparation and planning is required. Chances are, you are already excited and somewhat stressed about living in your chosen country overseas. By planning ahead, and with the help of Cargo trade Liners, you can make the move a pleasurable experience. At Cargo trade Liners, we combine our experience of international removals with our local knowledge and will tailor this around your specific needs. In this brief moving guide, we have collected practical advice and information, which you will hopefully find useful when preparing for your international move.


Book A Visit From Our Moving Surveyors


As moving overseas requires more preparation, we recommend a visit from one of our moving surveyors. They will be able to assess the quantity of goods you need to move, the packing requirements, and you will be able to discuss shipping, delivery and storage options. Advice can also be offered on other aspects of your international move, schedules, transport of unusual items, or pets for example. Following the survey, we will make sure that all details are correct, that timings, are established clearly, and all parties know how things are at any stage of the move. We can thus ensure that on the moving day, you are prepared for and informed about every detail of your move.


A Stress-Free Moving Day


Good planning will also make your moving day run much smoother. Before the day, we will send you a Move Schedule, which will describe how the moving day will unfold, so that you can prepare for every step. Our removal crew will arrive at the agreed time and will begin packing your goods. They will mark, identify and arrange packing boxes as directed by you. After the packing has been completed, the removal van or the container will be loaded. The goods will then be taken to the port to be loaded onto the shipping vessel, or alternatively, shipped by air freight.


International Transport Options And Transit Times


Your goods will normally be transferred in shipping vessels, however, you can choose Cargo trade Liners air freight services as well. Air freight is a swift yet cost-effective way to move your household items, and through our partnership with DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT, ARAMEX, SELF NETWORK we are able to offer you a service to all major international airports worldwide. If you decide on shipping your items, your shipment will usually take 1-3 months to reach its destination. Details of arrival at the destination country will be outlined in our paperwork. While most shipments run to schedule, they can be affected by bad weather or delays at ports or customs. Cargo trade Liners will always endeavor to do everything so that your move runs smoothly and there are no significant delays.


Do You Require Door To Door Delivery?



Whether you require door to door shipment or a small consignment, Cargo trade Liners will organise all relevant areas of your move and make all necessary arrangements with our overseas partners.